Explosives Trucks in Chile

A major explosives supplier to the Chilean mining industry has chosen indurad’s iRTT iProximity system to improve safety when pumping explosives into blast holes. The system continuously measures the operator’s position relative to the vehicle and arm.

Drill Rig Safety

The iRTT-based iProximity solution provides an effective way to increase safety on drill rigs. The system constantly measures the position of personnel around the drill. If personnel get too close to the drill while it is rotating, it slows down and eventually stops.

German Salt Mine – Safety + Energy Savings

A German salt mine is using the technology to protect workers and increase productivity. In addition to using several units on their heavy equipment, they are using the system to reduce the energy consumption of their crushers.

The crusher has been equipped with an Indurad iRTT-AU tag. It detects all vehicles in the vicinity of the machine. If the vehicle is an LHD or dump truck and it approaches the crusher within a certain range, the crusher PLC receives a signal to start the crusher. If the conveyor is empty and the vehicle leaves the area, the crusher stops.

A saving of €50,000 per year in energy costs has been reported. The entire crusher solution cost approximately €10,000, including installation and integration, so the payback time was 73 days.

Nuclear Waste Facility Access Control + Collision Avoidance

The German Federal Company for Radioactive Waste Disposal has been using the Indurad iProximity system for five years. The company was one of the first users to see the potential of the technology to increase safety and productivity at the same time.

Indurad supplied them with 500 units for personal protection (helmet tags), several entry gate units (base gates), equipped all 42 heavy vehicles (including LHDs, trucks, drill rigs, etc.) and 50 light vehicles. In addition, 50 units of equipment to protect fixed and mobile infrastructure (such as generators, etc.).