Production improvements

of Reclaimers and Loadout Station

indurad successfully delivered a customised turnkey project consisting of a Reclaimer & Loadout facility where the complete scoping, design, installation, control system integration, training and performance acceptance formed part of the scope. INDURAD delivered on the following requirements from the client:

  • reduction of over torque events (-75%)
  • increase of high torque reclaiming (+4,3%)
  • elimination of air-digging
  • reduction of attack-times

System upgrade from Laser to Radar

Performance deficits and constant cleaning efforts were the main drivers in 2012 to turn to Out Indurad for an update of the existing loading automation.

Particularly fast changing material properties (mostly driven by wet/dry material) as well as residual material were, besides the rainy environment, the main challenges.

indurad replaced the existing system based on PE cells and 2D laser sensors with a pure radar approach. The results exceeded all expectations. The customer reported:

  • Increase of the capacity of the car rail up to 3 tons
  • Increased homogeneity of load distribution on each wagon.
  • Increased rail availability
  • Increased operational safety.

A major consulting firm involved in this project reported an annual value contribution of $50 million.

Performance Improvements Iron Ore Loadout

In this project for a major Australian iron ore mine in the Pilbara region, Indurad implemented a reclaimer and loadout solution as a turnkey supplier.

The main objectives were to improve the reclaim rates in order to more consistently deliver the right quality material to the loadout:

  • 4.3% improved net reclaim rate
  • 75% reduction in bucket wheel overtorque

This results in a more consistent production and quality mix to the loadout. The loadout itself was equipped with several iLoadout and iBelt modules for archiving:

  • Train loading accuracy, allowing higher car set points without overloading
  • 30% more train speed (from 0.9km/h to 1.2km/h)
  • >1 ton less standard deviation (from 3.7t to 2.3t)

indurad was able to deliver the project at warp speed. It took 5 months and 2 days from order to acceptance.

Iron Ore Rollout Australia

indurad has partnered with a major iron ore company in Australia and has equipped 14 TLOs in Australia with the Autonomous Train Load Out System (ATLS). The rollout has been ongoing since 2012.


Depending on the site, the loadout is fed by an iReclaimer controlled iron ore stockyard and the bin above the railcar loadout is measured by an indurad iSilo solution. The loadouts are equipped with radar based speed measurement, ore car positioning systems and 2D radar chute automation.