Vessel in Australia

A customized iBerth solution is used on a vessel in Australia to detect the vessel position during the loading process to make sure, that it is loaded to the spec. The solution provides the crew the information required to continuously monitor the loading process and ship movement to make sure that it does not skew or bend, avoiding to get into structural damage.


A vessel in travels usually short distances and docks once or twice per day was equipped with a iBerth system to have all the information that iBerth provides, independent of the harbor infrastructure.

This information helps the crew to navigate and dock the vessel faster and safer – especially in difficult weather situations where visibility is limited or at night times or in narrow ports or berth with s a strong steam.

Ship drift in Australia

In Australia, at a place where the highest tidal changes can be found, the solution supports operations in two ways:

It provides a drift detection of the vessels on the berth. This provides a massive improvement in safety for daily operations. The picture left shows a measured ship drift of 89 cm, causing an alarm.

Besides this, the solution provides data about the position of the incoming vessel – which supports docking activities.

Port in Brazil

A port in Brazil uses the iBerth solution to be integrated with their harbour management system. Indurad provides data:

  • distance of Bow
  • distance of stern
  • speed
  • approach angle

In combination with further datapoints such as:

  • vessel type and loading
  • wind speed
  • tide

the system provides a full set of information to the operators, increasing efficiency and safety in daily operations as well as in special conditions where operations are more difficult to perform (e.g. high tide, low tide, strong rain and thunderstorms etc.)