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Safety & Efficiency

Glencore Nickel: A vision of Safety and Precision

A dust suppression system impaires visitoin of the human operator unloading vessels at at Port of Quebec. Indurad “restores” the operator’s vision using it’s 3D radar technology. 


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Cost down, revenue up


indurad is a leader in making mining and dry bulk handling or processing easier and more cost effective. Based on our radar technology we offer various solutions and also sensors with OEM interfaces such as ROS2.


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A Quantum Leap for Bulk Terminals


To improve port operations, EECV Rotterdam is using a combination of Indurad solutions.


Learn how the customer uses the solutions for individual benefits and how they are combined for a quantum leap in bulk terminal operations.

Steel plant Stockyard Homogenization

indurad has provided Posco Pohang in Korea with both a 3D Stockpile scanning, Stacker Automation and 4D Quality and blending model.

World’s largest bucket wheel excavator


Automatic Block Cutting on Crawler Bucket Wheel Excavator: A multifunctional solution for the world’s largest bucket wheel excavator (240.000m³/day).

The indurad solution provides collision avoidance data and detects any object on either side of the bucket wheel.

At the same time, the system provides cutting depth control and thus increase the productivity of the machine.


indurad proved in a benchmarking field test – comparing indurad radar sensors against a leading industrial laser scanner – that, the standard deviation between radar and laser was only 0.03m, respectively. RWE considers the accuracy of indurad’s radars equal to that of laser sensors. RWE choose to install indurad because of the significantly higher availability offered by radar’s reliable performance under adverse conditions.

Completely Manless Stacking

Successful implementation of a completely autonomous Stacker at ArcelorMittal in Quebec, Canada.

  • Turnkey Stacker Automation
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Partially reclaimed piles
  • Very intensive fog atmosphere (rain on hot pellets)

Full Yard Automation


INDURAD has delivered a complete yard automation project in at Vale’s main export terminal in Vitoria, Brazil including:


  • GNSS
  • 3D radar collision avoidance
  • Rail & personnel detection
  • Stockyard scanning for pile visualization.

Production improvements

of Reclaimers and Loadout Station

indurad successfully delivered a customised turnkey project consisting of a Reclaimer & Loadout facility where the complete scoping, design, installation, control system integration, training and performance acceptance formed part of the scope. INDURAD delivered on the following requirements from the client:

  • reduction of over torque events (-75%)
  • increase of high torque reclaiming (+4,3%)
  • elimination of air-digging
  • reduction of attack-times

3D Stockpile with 4D Quality Tracking

At Assmang Iron Ore, South Africa indurad has delivered a complete Stacker/Reclaimer 3D stockpile solution  with 4D quality tracking.

Full SR Automation at EECV – Rotterdam, Netherlands

INDURAD has achieved full automation of the stacker/reclaimer L3 and conveyor belts for a 24/7 operation, with the following integration solutions:


·         iReclaimer – Cutting Assistance

·         iStacker – Stacking Assistance

·         iStockpile – Stockpile Management

·         iBelt