iRTT – Transponder Technology

indurad RadioTransponderTag

RANGE Underground detection range > 100 m; Open pit/yard detection range > 2000 m

VOLTAGE 2,5–5 V for individual components

HOUSING IP67, UL94-V0 and other

VARIATIONS iRTT-CP (ClientPersonnel), iRTT-CV (ClientVehicle), iRTT-CE (ClientEquipment), iRTT-BV (BaseVehicle), iRTT-BG (BaseGate), iRTT-BO (BaseOffice), iRTT-BS (BaseServer)


iRTT is a versatile set of diverse transponder tags and devices with processing and supporting hardware that can be used for anti-collision, asset management, personnel and equipment tracking and container yard space optimization. Its strength lies in its flexible and scalable layout: iRTT can be applied to any environment from one single underground mining machine with workers around to whole container yards with multiple overhead cranes, vehicles, tools and persons in one system.

Several Variations Available

iRTT-CV (ClientVehicle)

iRTT-CP-HO (HelmetOutside)

iRTT-CP-HI (HelmetInside)

iRTT-CP-MB (MobileBelt)

iRTT-AU (AntennaUnit)

iRTT-DU (DisplayUnit)

iRTT-TB (TerminalBox)

iRTT-BV (BaseVehicle)