Collision avoidance, remote control and automation solution for shiploaders/unloaders

Radar is the standard technology in maritime navigation and thus also the logical choice for collision avoidance, positioning and remote control operation of shiploaders. indurad has developed and manufactures robust radar sensors for the specific conditions in industrial ports. It is the uncompromising reliability of this technology that allows indurad to offer a market oriented and unique bundle of shiploader automation features.

Solution Packages

iShiploader PackageAnti Collision

indurad has several technologies for collision avoidance between shiploaders, ships and port infrastructure. Depending on the expected collision scenarios, we help you to select from passive radar technology (iSDR), active transponder technology (iRTT) or a geometry based approach (iSMU).

iShiploader PackageRemote Control

iShiploader Remote Control is a comprehensive teleremote operation package for safe and efficient loading from a distance. indurad robust and real-time radar sensors provide customizable process data to allow operators safe and stable control of heavy machinery from their office space – close to colleagues and the coffee machine, sometimes a thousand miles away. iShiploader RC boosts overall machine performance and the operators' job quality at the same time. Contact us for best practice papers for your specific case.

iShiploader PackageLoading Assistance

Loading Assistance features for operators based on real-time 3D visualizations of hatch and shiploader nozzle/spoon. Enables shiploaders to safely continue shiploading in difficult conditions and to boost performance under normal conditions.

iShiploader PackageAutomation

The full automation or autonomous operation of shiploaders has been a dream of port operators for ages. indurad has made this dream come true in projects in Australia and Canada. Please contact us directly for more information on available system layouts, reference information or prices for your shiploader automation project.

iShiploader PackageLong Travel Positioning & Velocity

Long Travel positioning and speed measurement solution for shiploaders that can be achieved with GNSS/iSMU, iLDR or iRTT technology according to local conditions and customer requirements.

iShiploader PackageSlew/Luff Positioning

This solution package provides highly reliable slew and luff angle measurement, based on machine geometry and high precision D-GPS technology with RTK. Does not require recalibration or rest points, measurement results not compromised by slippage. Can be extended with long travel positioning and collision avoidance features.

iShiploader PackageBelt Volume

Based on our original iBelt solution, iShiploader Belt Volume provides information on belt volume flow, belt speed and belt misalignment. Usually the sensors are installed close to the dump point and provides an extra control feedback on material flow to the ship.

iShiploader PackageDocking Assistance

iShiploader Docking Assistance allows for quick and safe docking procedures for vessels of any size and under all environmental conditions. The unique sensor installation, developed for Docking Assistance projects in Australia, detects the distance between ship and berth at any water level and irrespective of strong rain, fog, poor visibility, snow etc. Docking Assistance is based on 3D sensors, giving us a competitive edge over less reliable 1D competitor products for the same application.

iShiploader PackageTransportable Moisture Limit (TML)

Solution feature to measure the angle of repose and density of the material flowing into the ship. Detected changes in these material properties trigger an alarm. This helps prevent problems arising from liquified bulk cargo.

iShiploader Product Page

For more information on iShiploader, please also see our extensive solution website.

Common Technologies Full automatic shiploading has always been a dream for the industry. That this vision has not yet been fully realized has also to do with the available technologies:

  • Laser scanners are very well suited for the initial surveying scan of the complete ship before the loading process commences. However, in order to keep them clean, they need to be installed as high as possible, resulting in massive blind spots
  • IECEx / ATEX regulations prevent laser scanners from being installed to the coal flow due to dust explosion matters
  • Model-based loading systems depend on exact drawings of the ship. If they are wrong or if the position of the ship on the quay changes, collisions may occur and dangerous loading situations are bound to happen (e.g. uncontrolled ship rotation)
  • Lanyard and tripper switches as the innermost collision avoidance layer do not allow for direct machine control. Also, the alarm triggered by this technology often comes too late to manually stop the machine manually before the collision actually occurs.

What are the benefits?

iShiploader™ benefits for shiploaders and shipunloaders:

  • Protection for your multi-million dollar port equipment and machinery
  • Increase operators’ safety, comfort and confidence
  • Reduce trimming time significantly
  • Safely continue shiploading regardless of weather conditions
  • Faster ship loading reduces berth time