Move the operator’s cabin to wherever you want. Control the machine as if you were on board. Take the first step towards full automation.


iRoadheader is an underground remote control and positioning solution for roadheaders.


iShovel is a combined positioning, navigation, anti-collision, mapping and safety solution for shovels based on robust indurad radar hardware and software.


iLoader is a combined underground positioning, navigation, mapping and safety solution for LHD.


iCardumper offers indexer gap detection, indexer long travel positioning, waggon classification, car dumper apron feeder control, residual detection in waggons and volume flow measurement on outgoing conveyor belts.


iLoadout is a comprehensive solution with automation functions all around the train loading station: Rail car speed and gap measurement, rail car identification by wall profile measurement and optical character recognition, volumetric and profile measurement functions for the rail car load, payload adjustment and calibration functions plus locomotive collision avoidance and chute level adjustment.


iPosition is a high-resolution long travel and x,y,z positioning solution for any type of machinery in mining, steel production, coke plants, agricultural production, etc.


iStacker is a combination of highly customizable process control functions to boost stacker performance: 2D Radar dump height control to avoid dust, long travel positioning, long travel velocity control, slew and luff collision avoidance and material conveyor belt in-flow control.


iReclaimer is a combination of highly customizable process control functions to boost reclaimer performance: cutting span depth measurement, bench edge height estimation, predictive volume estimation, pile boundary estimation, pile face up points, pile ridge contour visualization, pile slice contour and pile angle of repose measurement.


iShiploader is a comprehensive package of collision prevention functions combined with hatch detection, load measurement and other automation steps up to full shiploader automation.


iStockpile is a volumetric measurement solution for advanced inventory control: Available as iStockpile3D (full and high accuracy 3D volumetric measurements and visualizations for point of sale stockpiles) and iStockpileStatus (approximate inventory control information based on a reduced sensor layout for in-plant processes; standing replacement for regular laser surveying).