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26 November 2020

Free webinar: iBelt | Bulk Volume Scanner

This free webinar will provide you with an essential overview of gathering, transmitting, and managing your machine data. Relevant data allows you to provide insight to your analytics and deliver actionable results, improving your business...

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25 November 2020

iBelt by indurad: radar-based bulk volume scan for process, machine, and inventory control

indurad’s iBelt solution for conveyor belt scanning uses radar technology to measure the volume flow of bulk material on conveyor belts. It reliably measures the conveyor belt’s performance and other key performance indicators in real-time. These include material speed for volume flow calculation, belt alignment for better maintenance planning, and conveyor belt freeboard...

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16 November 2020

Collision avoidance

Avoiding machine collisions at stockyards and ports is essential to protect employees, prevent unnecessary repairs, and reduce machine downtime and, therefore, productivity losses. indurad addresses these challenges by implementing radar-based solutions to automate balanced machines, with every advanced radar-based automation...

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13 November 2020

Radar-based 3D stockpile inventory scanning

Real-time inventory visibility and management occupy an essential role across the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity. The location, number and capacity of mining and port operations within complicated supply chains mean that their operational efficiency has a major impact on the markets they supply...

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19 October 2020

New office in Moscow & MiningWorld Russia

Better service & proximity: indurad has now strengthened its presence in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) by opening an office in Moscow. Our Moscow team is proud to host an exhibit at the MiningWorld Russia convention (Moscow, 20-22 October 2020)...

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Coronavirus Information

Please find the most recent edition of our CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION NOTE that covers employee, business and operational risks, targeted to give you guidance and orientation of our current operations.

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Благодаря сочетанию новейших разработок в области обработки сигналов с применением механических узлов повышенной надёжности датчики indurad представляют собой уникальное технологическое решение в мире промышленной автоматики.

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Компания indurad сформировалась на основе научно-исследовательского проекта Института горнопромышленных технологий (Рейнско-вестфальская высшая техническая школа, г. Ахен) в 2003 году.


Головной офис компании indurad располагается в г. Ахен, Германия.