Shiploader Automation

Collision Avoidance | Loading Assistance | Remote Control | Full Automation

Shiploader Collision Avoidance

indurad has several technologies for collision avoidance between shiploaders, ships and port infrastructure. Depending on the expected collision scenarios, we help you to select from radar technology (iSDR), active transponder technology (iRTT) or a geometry based approach (iSMU).

Shiploader Loading Assistance

Loading Assistance features for operators based on real-time 3D visualizations of the hatch, shiploader nozzle/spoon, and the material in the hold. This enables shiploaders to safely continue operations in difficult conditions and to boost performance under normal conditions.

Shiploader Remote Control

iShiploader Remote Control is a comprehensive teleremote operation package for safe and efficient loading from a distance. indurad robust and real-time radar sensors provide customizable process data to allow operators safe and stable control of heavy machinery from their office space. iShiploader Remote Control boosts overall machine performance and the operators' job quality at the same time.

Shiploader Automation

A automação complete ou operação autonoma do carregador de navios tem sido um sonho para os operadores ao longo dos anos. A indura fez este sonho se tornar realidade em projetos na Australia e Canada. Por favor, contate-nos diretamente para maiores informações para os sistemas disponiveis e arquitetura, referencias ou preços para a automação completa do seu carregador de navios.


Additional Functionalities

  • Longtravel Measurement
  • Slew/Luff Measurement
  • Transportable Moisture Limit (TML)
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Docking Assistance