Our Software: stable, reliable, individual

Our software, both sensor firmware and application software, has been developed for industrial use. It is robust, reliable, fast and scalable. Based on the application area, one or several different software modules are used. indurad’s operating system on the iRPU™ (indurad RadarProcessingUnit) is based on the real-time Linux kernel and contains only essential libraries for robust industrial use. indurad focusses on what is really needed. In most cases, the software for our solutions consists of the iFramework™ and the iWEB™ software in combination with customer-specific interfaces.

iWEB™ — our HMI Solution

The iWEB™ human machine interface (HMI) is an easy-to-use web application that avoids cost-intensive SCADA integration and provides additional usability and process transparency. It grants secured access to all required information for setup, parameterization as well as visualization and process analysis.

iWEB™ also supports complex 3D visualizations for stockpiles. The process data visualized in the browser is live and updated by using a push principle real-time update technology. Multiple clients may connect simultaneously to iWEB™, using individually defined user access levels from operator to maintenance manager.

iFramework™ — our multi-purpose Toolbox

The iFramework™ technology is a modular industrial grade C++ toolbox proprietarily developed by indurad for sensor interfacing, signal processing, data streaming, logging, modeling and output interface control. Application specific plugins (e.g. for surface profiling, collision avoidance, positioning) can be added.

PLC integration by skilled local partners

indurad's solutions condense all data so they can very easily be used in simple automation and control blocks within a PLC. A clear telegram design simplifies the error search and minimizes complexity. indurad's solutions represent an additional layer so that in case of any system downtime (cable cut etc) conventional PLC operations at manual and semi-autonomous mode is still possible.

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