iRemote™ 3G Remote Commissioning and Remote Support Unit

The iRemote™ Remote Commissioning Unit connects your indurad solution to the highly qualified commissioning support engineers in Germany. For this, the unit needs an internet connection to hook up to our server. The data transfer is encrypted to ensure that only indurad can connect to your solution.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: The iRemote™ Commissionig Unit is delivered with a comprehensive technical documentation and a user-friendly online Video Tutorial. This will help you connect the iRemote™ to your solution and to bring it online for remote access from Germany via 3G/LAN. This helps keeping costs low and making the commissioning and support processes easier to schedule and to finish.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies require the visit of a technician or commissioning expert to the customer facilities in order to calibrate common technologies like scales, 2D/3D laser-based Solutions, 1D Radar Solutions or ultrasonic devices.

Breaking Limitations: The indurad iRemote™ box is the only solution that combines calibration, commissioning services and post-commissioning support in one single technical solution. This results in much lower costs and quicker success in the commissioning, support and post-sales as...

  • ... no more travel costs accrue for engineers or groups of engineers to commission the solution on site
  • ... the customer has full and immediate access to a group of solution experts working in Germany, instead of only 1 field service engineer on site
  • ... commissioning and support times can be handled more flexibly as indurad may "work around" scheduled customer downtimes (or even unplanned downtimes, according to indurad availability)
  • ... emergency response times are significantly shortened, as no travelling and less pre-arrangements are necessary, which in turn shortens downtime and saves internal downtime budgets
  • ... customers may themselves use the 3G/iRemote™-based connection to their solution in the field via the indurad Global Server, if other connections fail or are technically problematic

All of this is possible with one working and correctly installed iRemote™ box. 

What are the Benefits?

iRemote™ gives you control of the extern connections to your solutions, providing reliable and trustful communication with the indurad technical support in Germany.
The unit just needs an internet connection to connect to our server.

  • Available connection to indurad headquarters  
  • This can be established either via the corporate LAN or via isolated 3G using a local SIM card
  • The connection is fully encrypted to ensure that only indurad support assistants can connect to your solution
  • No need of indurad staff trip to customer facilities
  • Remote commissioning
  • Remote support

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: The iRemote™ Remote Commissioning Unit has been the essential ingredient in the success of basically all of our solution installations from South to North America, from Europe to Asia and from Africa to Australia. Irrespective of your location, the iRemote™ guarantees a safe and plannable solution implementation process to the mutual satisfaction of you and indurad.

If you want to know more about this solution, please contact us directly.

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