Highly reliable and 360° degree Anti-Collision Solution for Draglines

iDragline™ is indurad’s solution for collision avoidance and operator assistance for draglines. Based on the unique indurad sensor technology, iDragline™ is the first fully reliable, real-time and all-round protection and support solution for draglines in difficult and adverse environments.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: Several indurad sensors are mounted around the dragline in order to scan the entire area within a diameter of roughly 50 meters. Additional sensors at the dragline boom scan to a distance of up to 150 meters. The number of sensors depends on the size, contours and dimensions of the dragline.

Motion sensors combined with data from the PLC define the operation mode of the dragline. On the basis of the current operation mode, the indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) finally calculates the size and shape of the collision zones and proceeds this information to a panel in the dragline operator cabin and to the PLC infrastructure.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies usually combine low quality radar sensors with cameras. Once the radar sensor (range up to 10 meters) detects something, the camera is activated and the picture of this section is displayed on a screen in the operator’s cabin.

  • Operator annoyance due to the large number of false alarms caused by cheap 1D radar sensors is a huge problem
  • Operators need to analyze camera pictures – at night and in dust
  • The system does not take the status of the dragline into account: no collision zone adjustment when the machine is not moving, when crawlers are passing by etc.
  • Limited scope of collision avoidance, no operator assistance (like crawling assistance, face scan etc.)

Breaking Limitations: iDragline™ is highly adaptive to the current working situation, provides full operator assistance and is an integrated solution, comprising:

  • Reliable collision avoidance
  • Very low false alarms
  • High operator acceptance (“operator buddy”)
  • Customizable to each kind of shovel
  • Integration of operator assistance (3D face scan, parking assistance, double site loading)

What are the Benefits?

The iDragline™ solution is specifically helpful for operators, maintenance personnel, supervisors and management. iDragline™ helps to overcome the commonly known safety issues with draglines in other dragline collision avoidance solutions:

  • Productivity by operator guidance  — not annoyance
  • Unparalleled safety level and very few false alarms, if any
  • Highly adaptive to any dragline brand or other customer-specific requirements
  • Reduction of wear due to increased and better control information
  • Process and performance transparency for supervisors
  • Operator Assistance:Where is the face/ground? Are auxiliary vehicles around? Etc.

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: This solution is suitable for any kind of dragline operation. It has been designed to increase productivity and safety, and to boost process transparency significantly for better plant and production control. Most of the dragline systems currently installed are in use in the hardcoal and lignite coal mining industry.

If you want to know more about this solution, please contact us directly.

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