Consulting, Engineering & OEM

indurad provides engineering services based on its 2D/3D radar technology for OEMs and customers in various industries. We utilize our wide scope in research and development as well as our practical experiences to enable our customers to integrate the latest technology into their machines, plants and processes. We have engineered solutions for Pulp and Paper (PnP), Civil Security, Pharmaceutical Production, Plant Layout and Design.

Consultancy: indurad also provides consultancy services, e.g. System Layout, Hazard Analysis & Safety as well as Business Development.

For End Customers:

  • We engineer the solutions for ambitious projects
  • indurad‘s experts customize existing products or develop new approaches to solve challenges
  • indurad has a broad experience in plant integration and a wide network of implementation partners
  • indurad may either suggest suitable partners (producers or system manufacturers) or cooperate with the customer’s desired partner

For OEMs:

indurad develops tailor-made products for OEMs, offering a competitive advantage and additional values.

Our technological expertise:

indurad’s experience includes (but is not limited to):

  • Autonomous vehicles, autonomous trucks
  • Shearer-loader automation
  • Tunneling machines
  • IPCC (Inpit Crushing and Conveying)
  • Concrete spraying manipulator / shotcrete
  • Range finders 
  • Train and railway collision avoidance
  • Mass flow automation solutions
  • Bucket Wheel Excavator (Solutions/Reclaimer Page)
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