Loco Collision Avoidance for UG/OP Mines and Ports

iTrain™ is a solution for Locomitive Collision Avoidance in underground and open pit mines as well as in ports. With its 2D passive radar localization it can detect untagged objects, such as humans, animals and other obstacles (parked waggons, landslides, fallen trees etc).

How does it work?

Solution Layout: There are two different architectural options for iTrain™ - the mobile version and the infrastructural version.

For the mobile version, the loco will be equipped with

  • indurad DualRangeRadar iDRR™ for 2D dynamic obstacle scan
  • indurad DopplerVelocityRadar iDVR™ for slippage-free speed control
  • indurad StateMeasurementUnit iSMU™ including GPS in non-underground applications

The mobile version is limited to be used for low speed (<10km/h) as the required stopping distance massively increases with rising speed levels. 

Thus indurad offers to enhance the solution with a infrastructure-based technology, at least for junctions and high traffic areas. This package includes:

  • indurad DualRangeRadar iDRR™ for 2D static obstacle scan
  • indurad RadioBroadcastingUnit iRBU™ for data transmission to loco

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies for Locomotive Collission Avoidance include

  • GPS standalone: cannot discriminate between neighbouring rails due to low resolution
  • Camera: distracts driver and cannot work in dust, mist, snow, fog
  • RFID systems: unable to detect broken tags, untagged obstacles and unauthorized intruders
  • optional integration of high performance mid-infrared cameras
  • optional signalization lights and locomotion emergency stop I/O relay

Breaking Limitations: indurad uniquely combines active and passive technologies:

  • 2D Radar allows to seperate objects on and beside rails
  • iDVR™ Speed Radar allows to set different safety zones dynamically adjusted to speed
  • GPS broadcast offers whitelisting of locomotives on neighbouring rails
  • works under all weather conditions
  • integrated stationary and mobile devices
  • Telemetry: able to transmit wirelessly based on wireless IP standards through an owner-designed wireless network

What are the Benefits?

iTrain™ offers substantial benefits

  • Maximum level of safety through various physical detection layers
  • Maximum level of productivity through high localization accuracy and associated minimum of false alarms
  • High user acceptance by providing predictive operator assistance with graphical color screen rather than emergency breaks only
  • Central data analysis, statistics and configuration server for process transparency, optimization and dispatch

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: iTrain™ is used in the nordic mining districs during massive snowfalls, in underground copper mines as well as in coal ports around the world. As it is highly versatile for configuration and interfacing, its application space goes far further as well.

If you want to know more about this solution, please contact us directly.

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