3D Inventory Control, Collision Avoidance and Positioning Solution for Stackers

For stackers of all sizes: Real-time inventory scans and full 3D visualization of the entire stockyard. Additionally, iStacker™ provides stacking assistance as well as stockpile management and automation tools in order to stack homogeneous stockpiles or mix/blend materials. iStacker™ is the ultimate and highly endurable answer for advanced material handling under all environmental conditions.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: Several indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensors are installed at the boom tip of the stacker. Their primary function is to measure the surface of the stockpile underneath, which povides the data for the highly precise volumetric measurement and the 3D graphics of the stacked material.

The position of the stacker along the rails is permanently monitored by the indurad LinearDynamicRadar (iLDR™), which may be combined with luff/slew encoders or RTK L1L2 D-GPS measurement devices. The indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) handles all sensors and processes the incoming raw radar data.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies are often inaccurate (e.g. 1D level probes), unreliable (like lasers or ultrasonic devices), or rarely up to date (for instance manual surveying results). As 1D probes (e.g. ultrasonic devices) generally are highly unsuited, this technology is not addressed here but within the iSilo™/iDome™ solution.

  • Have issues with dark materials, such as black coal
  • Black color means no light is reflected, so consequently no laser is reflected too
  • Are sensitive to dust
  • Require permanent cleaning and maintenance

Computer Models:

  • Integration errors by summing up over time inflow and outflow from belt scales etc.
  • Errors from the assumed angle of repose (changes with water content, particle size etc.)
  • Manual manipulation of the stockpile with dozers or loaders
  • Stockpile slump at steep slopes cut by a reclaimer

Manual Surveying

  • Typically updated only once a month
  • Surveyors need to access potentially unsafe locations
  • Requires special skilled staff
  • Large potential error chain from surveying, data conversion and human communication
  • Downtime for measurement

Breaking Limitations: iStacker™ is the first technical solution to bundle functions for machine control, machine automation, volumetric measurement, real-time reclaiming analysis (Bench Edge Height Estimation, Predictive Volume Estimation etc.), maintenance, safety and management in one solution. It allows for:

  • Exact inventory information at all times
  • Exact tracking of material on the stockyard
  • Integration of dozer operations by position broadcast
  • Automatic/operator-assisted stacking methods: cone stacking, windrow stacking, chevron stacking, strata stacking, block stacking
  • Easy to install, no maintenance

What are the Benefits?

iStacker™ measures various process facets of the ongoing stacking process live and with highest precision. This allows to feed the PLC/SCADA/MES system with live information and permanently updated 3D inventory data.

  • Online 3D volumetric measurement
  • Long travel control based on volumetric flow instead of mass flow provides smooth stockpile surface and better utilization of the stockyard
  • Increased productivity, uptime and process control
  • Minimizing dust generation by Dump Height Control
  • High accuracy under all environmental conditions at any time during all operations
  • Easy integration into existing PLC/SCADA/MES solutions

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: The system is used wherever bulk material is handled by stacker/reclaimer operations all around the world: in mines, ports, storage areas and in power plants. The system works under all environmental conditions and may also measure hot, humid or dry bulk materials:

  • Iron Ore
  • Coal (brown coal and hard coal)
  • Copper ore and copper concentrate
  • Granulates of diverse common intermediate products

If you want to know more about this solution, please contact us directly.

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