Online and real-time Positioning of Material Transfer Points, Tripper Cars, IPCC and mobile mining Machines such as Continuous Miners

iPosition™ is a real-time and online positioning solution for a huge variety of mining equipment under all environmental conditions. iPosition™ provides customized horizontal and vertical offsets for operator assistance and automation.

How does it work?

Solution Layout: A typical application would be an In-Pit Crushing and Conveying System (IPCC). Here, three indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensors are installed on the discharge conveyor belt. The sensors are scanning down in direction towards the bench conveyor, scanning the location in vertical distance and the side offset. Further Positioning options are possible for IPCC, Belt Waggons, Fully Mobile Crushers etc.

This allows for a highly precise automation of the entire transfer process by active powered sensors on one end. The indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) calculates the position of the machine relatively to the environment in real-time with complex mathematical models from the incoming raw data.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies: About 90% of all Mobile Transfer Points all over the world today are still operated manually and monitored with human eyes. This manual approach comes with the following drawbacks:

  • Severe accidents because of missing information and misjudgment
  • Operator fatigue due to short attention periods and long stand-by times
  • Insufficient performance of some operators

Because of this high potential for improvements, several operations have already started using GPS for positioning. However, GPS also has limitations as a standalone technology:

  • Availability of satellites generally lies outside of the grasp of mines (as an unpaid service)
  • Sudden massive position deviations through multipath propagation of the signal in the steel structure of the pit walls (issue often addressed with differential RTK GPS)
  • GPS Jamming  in urban areas (such as ports) by passive noise of electronic devices
  • Intentional attacks, as reported by Professor Andrew Dempster from the University of New South Wales

Besides, first attempts are made to use RFID transponders on both the dispatching and on the receiving belt.

  • Distributed sensors require effective commination
  • All sensors need to be carefully calibrated
  • The more sensors and transponders are used, the more issues may occur
  • For crawler-driven hopper cars, the conveyor belt line cannot be equipped all along with transponders

Breaking Limitations: For these applications, indurad offers the unique 2D radar based iPosition™ solution, which is slowly becoming the standard for tier 1 mines. This success is based on these breakthrough facts:

  • 100% under control of the mine
  • No complex communication nor synchronization
  • Only a very limited number of sensors on the discharging belt
  • Extreme reliability under harsh conditions
  • Easy to maintain as common spare parts
  • Can detect passive conveyor belt lines for crawler type hopper cars

What are the Benefits?

The customer benefits are highly dependent on the individual operation at hand. Usually, our customers report one or several of the following significant saving positions or benefits that come with iPosition™:

  • Best practice and average in repositioning time may easily vary by 50% at typical IPCC repositioning (crusher advance of 15-30 minutes every 4 hours). This brings easily 5% more production time!
  • Optimization of crew size and tasks (operators and service personnel)
  • Reduction of corrective movements and less collisions with the belt frame
  • Reduction of wear and tear due to overuse of corrective controls
  • Increase in safety due to automation and reduced personnel in dangerous areas
  • Easy integration as PLC receives just simulated joystick commands

    Where is it used?

    Industries/Materials: iPosition™ reliably fulfills the following tasks in the mining, material handling and related industries:

    • Hopper car positioning
    • Transfer chute positioning
    • Loading unit positioning
    • In Pit Crushing and Conveying (IPCC) systems
    • Positioning of mining machinery
    • Shiploader Positioning


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