Intelligent and Adaptable Cell-based high-range Collision Avoidance Solution

iProximity™ represents the latest in highly reliable and innovative anti-collision technology. Both software and hardware have been specifically adapted to meet the high requirements in recognizing actual collision scenarios for stackers, shiploader, reclaimers, crane and other types of big mining machinery. For this reason, iProximity™ can virtually be seen as an "Electronic Fence".

How does it work?

Solution Layout: According to the specific collision scenario to be avoided, two or more indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensors are installed on the boom of the crane, shiploader, stacker or similar type of machinery.

If the machine runs on rails, the iProximity™ solution may also be extended with the indurad LinearDynamicRadar (iLDR™) to monitor the machine’s position on the rails. The indurad RadarProcessingUnit (iRPU™) proceeds all incoming data and triggers collision alarms or signals for the machine operator.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies: The most common technology for mining machinery anti-collision solutions is 1D radar, despite the numerous known disadvantages:

  • Low measurement range
  • Low focus beam of 5-24 GHz
  • No angular resolution
  • Irregular shape of detection area
  • Side lobes of radar frequently cause irritation
  • Calibration process is complicated and time-consuming
  • Too many devices necessary for complete installation

The trend of using laser scanners in harbors has already expired, because of

  • Sun Glare at sunrise/sunset
  • Vapor, fog and snow
  • High maintenance and frequent cleaning requirements

Breaking Limitations: The indurad cutting-edge iProximity™ solution represents a completely new way to achieve full collision avoidance without the inaccuracies and risks mentioned above:

  • Usable where laser or 1D radar solutions fail (sea spray, fog, dust, snow)
  • Works even with sensor massively covered with dirt
  • Less false alarms, if at all, through object white-listing and other options
  • Mature technology to block out potential error sources coming from radar side lobes
  • Full Transparency: optional camera picture logging of events and raw data to discuss incidents in group and address based on facts with disciplinary actions or corrections of zone shape.

What are the Benefits?

iProximity™ is a compact and proven solution for anti-collision scenarios from pit to port. It comes with the following benefits:

  • A lower number of sensors results in significant savings
  • Intuitively accessible iWEB™ Human Machine Interface
  • No object tagging during commissioning
  • No software installation
  • No frequent calibration
  • Process transparency, less reason for disputes after incidents!

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: The iProximity™ solution is commonly installed on shiploaders, cranes, stackers, reclaimers and many other types of movable or rotating mining machinery and vehicles. It can be customized to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Boom Luff Protection
  • Boom Slewing Protection
  • Counterweight Protection
  • Linear Travel Protection for moving and static objects
  • Chute to Hatch Protection
  • Bin Level Control
  • Electronic Fence
  • Additional scenarios


If you want to know more about this solution, please contact us directly.

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