Collision Avoidance and Productivity Enhancement Solution for Haul Trucks, Light Vehicles and other Mining Vehicles

iTruck™ is a full range Collision Avoidance (CA) solution for mining trucks, haul trucks, light cars and other mining vehicles. Based on a thorough radar coverage all around the truck, consisting of indurad's iDRR™ sensor technology, this solution manages to reach highest safety levels without annoying drivers by false alarms.

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How does it work?

Solution Layout: Several indurad DualRangeRadar (iDRR™) sensors are mounted around the truck so as to achieve full surround coverage. The primary aim is to scan for oncoming traffic, persons or passive collision objects, such as stones, berms or infrastructure. The indurad StateMeasurementUnit (iSMU™) takes the driving conditions into account and calculates the size and shape of the collision zones.

The iSMU™ is based on GPS, gyroscope, inclinometer and accelerometer technologies. It is additionally supported by the indurad DopplerVelocityRadar iDVR™ for slippage-free speed control. The system also provides automatic mapping of the mine for route planning and can be combined with GPS tracking.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies are not intelligent enough to guarantee full collision avoidance for mining trucks. They primarily base on radio position broadcasting, GPS, low quality radar sensors or cameras and therefore come with a whole range of defects and drawbacks:

  • GPS may be affected by deep pits, GPS jamming etc. The localization accuracy lies in the consumer class range with about 3-15m
  • Radio position broadcasting is valuable, but detects only tagged objects
  • 1D radar sensors just provide simple alarms – and then trigger a camera. Coming with limited range, a high operator annoyance is to be expected
  • Cameras add another task to the operator, as they force him to watch a monitor instead of keeping his eyes on the road. Also, they are practically unusable at night or in dust, fog, mist, strong rain
  • Mesh networks built on WLAN are highly fragile and do not consider that vehicles quickly cue or leave gaps somewhere else

Breaking Limitations: The indurad iTruck™ system is as intelligent as the driver is. It bases on time to stop, not on distance, and takes the current local conditions into account.

  • Combines collision avoidance and operator assistance
  • GPS/Position broadcasting services add features
  • Adaptive to speed, inclination, day/night, rainfall, truck size, loading status etc.

What are the Benefits?

Apart from being a highly reliable collision avoidance solution for mining trucks, iTruck™ offers a wide range of additional features that support both the driver and management in keeping track of processes and logistics in their mine, port or plant:

  • Position broadcast (GPS-based)
  • Reversing assistance to driver at crusher (savings on tires)
  • Lane and berm assistance (safety, savings on tires)
  • Speed adaption for stopping range zones
  • Trajectory adaption in bends to avoid false alarms
  • 4 GB blackbox for incident recording
  • 7-12'' color touch screen
  • Central mine-based data server, automatically updated via hot spots

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: iTruck™ is at home in all mines with harsh and detrimental environmental conditions typically encountered in

  • Coal mines in tropical Asian countries with slippery road conditions
  • Tar sand operations in Canada during snow storms
  • Copper ore mines in the high Andes mountains with fog and snow
  • Iron ore mines in dusty deserts or tropical climates in Brazil, India South Africa and Australia

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