2D/3D Level Control in Dynamics - Apron Feeders & Surge Bins

iApron™ is the perfect solution for monitoring filling height, volume and other high-dynamic process parameters in apron feeders, surge bins, car dumpers and comparable vessels and structures. Its high reliability and usability make it the best base for automation and operator assistance.



How does it work?

Solution Layout: iApron™ usually consists of one embedded iDRR™ (indurad DualRangeRadar) radar sensor + one iRPU™ (indurad RadarProcessingUnit) installed above the apron feeder — either inside or outside the bunker.

iApron™ measures the actual material level 15  times per second in 2D/3D, which equals real-time measurement. It works worry-free and reliably even in heavy steel environments with high dust or dirt particle concentrations in the air.

Why is it an improvement?

Common Technologies lack the ability to measure reliably – which is the required basis for online measurement and automation, e.g. of car dumping processes. Beside this,

  • Laser sensors fail due to heavy dust emission
  • Level gauge radar sensors fail due to insufficient data (1D, spillage, multipath reflections, slow measurement rate)
  • Ultrasonic sensors have a long latency plus are affected by dust

Breaking Limitations: indurad iApron™ is the only solution that combines low latency and stable results in a single maintenance-free sensor architecture:

  • Measures the filling level in 10 virtual sectors in 2D space
  • One iDRR™ replaces 10 simple level gauge devices
  • Alternative: measuring 3D profile and calculate volume in real-time
  • By default, falling material is filtered from the data by a particle speed filter
  • Multiple false sectors still result in valid measurements

What are the Benefits?

iApron™ is the perfectly tailored solution to be employed in the particularly demanding environments of apron feeders and surge bins, where high dynamics (quick loading/unloading circles) meet difficult conditions (narrow metallic space, high dust and dirt levels, noise, vibration). Even here, iApron™ is

  • An effective protection from over/underloading
  • Easily adaptable to any type of industrial interface
  • Fully reliable without maintenance or cleaning of sensor window
  • Operative where alternative solutions quit
  • The ultimate answer to avoid damage/reduce wear to the apron feeder plates and bushings

Where is it used?

Industries/Materials: iApron™ is used for all types of surge bin, car tripper, car dumper and rotary railcar unloading system/wagon tipper around the world.

  • Core usage areas are Mines, Steel Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Train-unloading facilities
  • Used for Iron Ore, Coal and Copper Ore / Copper Concentrate, Limestone, Dolomite etc.
  • Reference sites are available in many countries, including Chile, Brazil and Australia


If you want to know more about this solution, please contact us directly.

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